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The internet has been the fastest-growing market the world has ever seen. Today it reaches about 3.2 billion people and is still growing at a rapid rate. It is the key for a smart business to attain success. To make your business grow and prosper, having the right website is just as important as having the right product and/or service, setting the right price, and reaching and holding the right customer.
Designing a site consists of many different elements. You want a website that is easy to navigate on all forms of technology—laptops, tablets, phones, etc. It should be sleek, modern, and pleasing to the eye. It's important for your site to be attractive, yet be able to load quickly. You want your potential customer to be able to find what he or she needs easily.

Here’s how a website designed by Top Web Designer can help you build and maintain a profitable base of satisfied customers:

  • It will display and advertise your company, sales, and/or services to appeal to your customers and garner an immediate response.
  • It will attract clients and build awareness of your company with a memorable website.
  • It will build creditability for your business by giving your website a reliable and dependable aura.
  • It will attract qualified leads you can turn into customers.
  • It will have helpful information to potential buyers and turn them into customers.
  • It will provide instant access to company and product information. An informed customer stays a customer.
  • It can use cost-effective marketing research to track your cost-per-sale.
  • It will save you money on printing and mailing costs.
  • It will keep your customers updated on new products and services to make them repeat customers.
  • It can use a page counter to tell you how often your website was visited.
  • It can use an information request form as an inexpensive way to gather more know-how about your customers.
  • It can incorporate a product order form (with or without card processing), making it your products more available.
  • We can register your website with hundreds of search engines and directories and spread your name.
  • We can publish your company’s information with appropriate social media sites. The more exposure you get, the more sales you can expect.
  • We can advertise your website on other frequently visited websites.
  • We can get other companies to sponsor your company’s website, reducing your cost and giving your customers a non-competitive service.
  • You can choose your own domain name like to give you instant recognition.
  • Publish and maintain your website from your own computer, or let us do it all for you so you can concentrate on what you do best—serving your customers.

Website Redesign

Tons of websites today were designed years ago and have not been updated to account for the rapid technological changes. Users today want content quickly; they aren't willing to wait 5 minutes for a cool graphic to load. Many times, the company or person who designed their site is no longer in business and they don't know whom to turn to for updates or redesigns.
When you come to us for redesign work, we will first take a look at your site. We look for dead links, search engine friendliness, slow download times, graphics that are too large, pages that contain too much content, etc. We will then meet with you to learn more about your company and what you feel your website should be doing for you. With this information, we will create a custom redesign plan for you.
We create responsive websites that eliminate the need for a second, mobile version. This allows your website to look good on any device. With a single site and a single template, your website becomes easy to manage through our Content Management System. The template is created through stylesheets that allow for a consistent theme throughout the site and takes advantage of many design characteristics including Google Fonts.


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