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banner sizes

Banner Ads are one of the most common and popular forms of advertisement on websites. Here are some tips on banners:

  1. According to Google's AdSense, the top-performing ad sizes are:
    • 300x250—"Medium Rectangle"
    • 336x280—"Large Rectangle"
    • 728x90—"Leaderboard"
    • 300x600—"Half Page"
    • 320-100—"Large Mobile Banner"

    Read more from AdSense here.

  2. Make sure you have the main components:
    • Company Logo for brand awareness.
    • Value Proposition that showcases the product or service.
    • Call to Action which prompts viewers to click on the ad.
  3. Keep the design simple. Likely, people will only glance at your ad for a second
  4. Create several banner ads with a similar theme or look. Use similar fonts, colors, images, buttons, etc. to provide continuity and familiarity.
  5. Frame your banner with a 1px subtly-colored border
  6. Cycle your banner every two weeks; the click rate on the same banner ad drops significantly after two weeks.
  7. Link directly to the page related to your ad—NOT the homepage. Nobody wants to plow through a homepage to get to what they want to see.

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